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Write for Us – We’re now accepting Guest Posts!

Hello there,

We’re now accepting guest posts on our blog! If you have informational articles in home and kitchen niche, we’d love to publish them on our site.

Few simple guidelines:

  1. We publish only high quality articles that are relevant to our blog so please make sure the article you’re sending if grammatically correct, proofread and not published anywhere else on the web.
  2. We only accept articles that are related to home/kitchen appliances, home improvement tips and how-to guides. Please see our main menu to know the appliances that you can write your content around.
  3. We will provide only 1 link to your website from the article. We’re a very picky about whom we link to, so unless you have an excellent quality website we might not accept your article.
  4. We do not accept highly self-promotional posts.

Examples of articles that we accept:

  1. How to choose the size of Air Conditioner for your room?
  2. Copper Condenser vs Aluminium Condenser for ACs
  3. How to clean your Water Purifier?
  4. 5 Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine Clean and Fresh
  5. How to make soft Rotis using a Roti Maker
  6. And so on…

Submit Your Request on prabhashchandra57{@}gmail{.}com