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best Roti Maker Picking The For Your Needs

A best roti maker is a machine perfect for making all types of flat breads such as rotis, wraps, burritos, puris and other similar kinds. If you aren’t already familiar with these types of breads, they can be found in many international food stores as well as restaurants. They taste amazing and our quite healthy as long as you keep tabs on the amount of oil or sauce that you dip these in.


The friendliest designs of best roti maker will feature a handle that is cool to touch even when the machine is heated up. Unless you enjoy to scrape the bottom of your pans for hours, look for a non stick plate which will make the cleaning a breeze. This will save you an enormous amount of time as well as make it more likely that you actually get your money’s worth and continue using it.

Although the manufacturers of roti maker use various types of materials for the casing, I find that the best one is the chrome. This type of housing will last the longest, get scratched up the least and look brand new for the longest period of time.


Some of the equipment that features other types such as steel or plastic tends to get worn out very quickly and might even bend or break in places which will make the best roti maker virtually useless. One that I used to own had cracked around the edge which made opening and closing very difficult. This will not happen with chrome as the material is incredibly durable.


Power is very important in this type of a rotimaker machine. The roti maker will need to have enough juice to accomplish fast baking of bread and around 850 watts should do the trick. Since you want to have control over the baking process, look for a temperature control to ensure that you can fine tune the performance and get the bread exactly as you want it. There should be a light in the front that lets you know when the maker is at the correct temperature as this is not something that you want to have to guess.

My family is split in the middle, as a few like their bread crunchy while the other half likes it soft. Unless you can fine tune the performance all of the breads will come out the same and you will have to either under bake or over bake (either adding or cutting minutes to the process) to get closer to what you want.


Some of the models come with a recipe book as well as the instruction manual. I feel that best roti maker does help in the beginning, but many of the standard recipes are not very good anyways. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker as there are plenty of cook books and recipes available on the web.


Do check for a good warranty, especially for the first year, as these machines usually only break in the beginning of their life.

If you cannot make a perfect roti right away, do not get discouraged, it might take a couple times until you get the process down. Try some different flours, mix things together, vary the time and temperature and note down the differences. Once you have a method down, you will be able to replicate it and make a perfect piece of fresh baked bread every single time.

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The internet offers some of the best prices on most of these machines as it doesn’t have as high of an overhead as the offline competitors. There are also great offers available and a lot of discounted models. Browse the different sites and compare the prices and reviews to find something that you will be comfortable with. Check for the return policy and whether the shipping is free both ways in case something is defective with the product. A little research ahead of time will save a lot of headaches and frustration later on.

Here’s top 5 rotimaker describing user’s experience with a rotimaker in home:

BAJAJ VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick Chapati Maker C-02

best roti maker

  • BAJAJ VACCO Electricals – Over 60 years old National Company with Tradition of High Quality and Unconditional After Sales Services.
  • Automatic Electric Chapati/Roti/Khakra Maker : The Product from BAJAJ VACCO has been crafted with utmost engineering precision to make sure that nothing short of the BEST rotis / chapatis / khakras reach your plate every time. Rotis / chapattis that are light, fluffy, quick and just like the ones you see on TV commercials, reminding you of your Home made chapatis.
  • High quality components : The roti / chapati – maker has been made of superior quality tubular element. The tawa has been made of a best food grade Teflon coated non-stick aluminium. Besides, the sturdy outer body has been made of stainless steel. The BAJAJ VACCO roti / chapati – maker are doubly checked for perfect performance by our highly trained engineers.Dimension:- Tawa Size = 20.26 Cm approx 8 Inch , Box LxBxH = 30.48 x 22.86 x 22.86
  • Ultra-safe with a shockproof body and heat resistant handles : The roti / chapati – maker is ultra-safe having a shockproof body and a heat resistant handles. This makes sure that you can use the rotis / chapattis maker to make as many rotis / chapattis for you and your family at one go. Also, remain assured that the roti / chapati – maker has a totally shock-proof body and is fitted with high quality ISI marked lead and 6 amp. plug.
  • Automatic cut-off feature with indicator light : What sets this roti / chapati – maker apart is that it has an pre-determined (fixed temperature) automatic cut-off feature which cuts-off the heat supply to the roti / chapati – maker and regulates the temperature. The LED indicator light turns ‘off’ when the machine is ready to take your ‘dough ball’.

Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker

best roti makerNon Stick Coating: The dough never sticks on the base of the roti maker, making the whole process of preparing rotis very easy and hassle free Durable Body: Made of matte finish SS body, the exterior of rotimaker ensures easy maintenance and years of beauty Adjustable Temperature Knob: control the temperature using the knob for making the perfect rotis Power Indicators: The red light indicates the rotimaker is switched on. The green light indicates that the base is heating and when it goes off, it is ready to use

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Non-Stick Coating

The rotimaker comes with good quality non-stick coating due to which the dough never sticks to the base of the roti maker, making the whole process of preparing rotis, easy and hassle-free.

Power Indicators

The appliance comes with power indicators where red light indicates that the roti maker is switched on. The green light indicates that the base is still heating, and when it goes off, it means the appliance is ready to use. Thus making it extremely convenient and comfortable to use.

Compact Design

The compact designed rotimaker can stand vertically with a winding power cord, thus the rotimaker occupies less storage space in the kitchen.

Shock Proof Body

The body is reinforced with hard plastic and stainless steel which makes the device strong and shock proof. Thus ensuring roti maker is tough and extremely safe use.

Adjustable Temperature Knob

The appliance comes with adjustable temperature knob to control the temperature of the rotimaker using the knob for making perfect fluffy rotis. Thus ensures safety and saves power.

Know your Roti Maker

This roti maker comes with the wide diameter plate of 10 inch which helps us to get big round and fluffy rotis every time. The above diagram explains the different features of the roti maker, so that you can use it comfortably.

Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

best roti makerSunFlame Roti Maker with unique Quality Most trusted brand in Roti Maker Industry. Stainless steel body,Durable non-stick coating, Molded plug, Bakelite handle, Reliable heating coil, User Friendly handle, Easy clean SS cover, non- stick costed plate, Equipped with the thermostat for safety, Easy lift handle, power indicator

Make quick, soft, and fluffy chapatis and rotis with this Sunflame RotiMaker. It has a light indicator and is built from stainless steel.


This roti maker is the ideal addition to every kitchen. The stainless steel body resists rust so you can use this appliance for a long time. With this appliance, you can save precious time and energy while preparing food.

Non-Stick Surface

With this steel roti maker you can now make both healthy rotis and indulgent paranthas instantly. This maker is a great option for your health because the two plates have a non-stick coating that you can use for oil-free cooking. The prepared dough does not stick to the surface and slides off easily when cooked giving you the benefit of eating healthy yet have tasty rotis.

Stainless Steel Body

The Sunflame stainless RotiMaker is made using the fine quality stainless steel with a silver finish. The roti maker is robust and long lasting, with the strong steel body ensuring that it is unbreakable in spite of daily usage.


The user-friendly roti maker has great ease of operation and to use it, make small round balls with the dough and place it between the plates. Press the plates and your roti is rolled to a round shaped which begins to fluff up in just a few minutes.

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Prestige Roti Maker PRM 6.0

best roti makerYour round and fluffy rotis can now get bigger also with PRM 6.0 . Getting the all-new Prestige Roti Maker for your kitchen is the best decision you’ll ever make. With the non-stick base, you’ll be making perfect, fluffy and round rolls, every single tine. The new Prestige Roll Maker now comes with bigger plates that give you a larger cooking surface area to make bigger rotis. It is so easy to use; you’ll never go back to the old way.

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Granite Non-Stick Coating

The granite spatter coated surface offers long lasting non-stick performance and an elegant finish.

Unique Curved Surface

The concave curved base with elevated edges ensures that the roti stays in the center and makes flipping the rotis/pancakes/omelettes easy and comfortable.

Durable Stainless Steel Body

The body is reinforced with stainless steel which makes the device strong and shock proof. Thus making roti maker is tough and safe.

Adjustable Temperature Control Knob

The appliance comes with adjustable temperature knob to control the temperature of the roti maker using the knob for making perfect fluffy rolls. Thus ensures safety and saves power.

Power Indicators

The appliance comes with power indicators where red light indicates that the roti maker is switched on. The green light indicates that the base is still heating, and when it goes off, the appliance is ready to use. Thus making it extremely convenient and comfortable to use.

Multi-Purpose Design

The curved edges combined with the good spatter coated granite non-stick surface gives you the freedom to make rotis, omelettes, pancakes, uttapams and much more, thus making it versatile and convenient to use.

Rico roti Maker Automatic Non Stick Quick Heat Japanese Technology
best roti maker


The Rico roti maker can make rotis with less efforts. With a non-stick base, it’s designed to make fluffy and round roti’s. The Rico roti maker is so easy to use, you’ll never go back to making roti’s the old way, ever again. Making Roti was never so easy. No Rolling pain, no Tawa, just press and make circular roti’s in seconds.

It’s non-stick surface prevents the dough from sticking to it. It has been provided with a handle that makes it easy to press the plates together, and knobs that help you to lift up the top plate. Make Roti, Paranthas, Khakra, Dosa and many more items with this roti maker.


The inner plates of the Rico roti maker are coated with supreme quality Greblon Gamma coating which ensure that the dough of the rotis doesn’t stick to the plates. This is high quality coating which ensures best performance.


The Rico electric roti maker has an indicator to show that the roti maker is connected to power. It glows in a bright red colour whenever the power is turned on. As soon as plates heat at enough temperature it will automatic get off.


In order to pressing the plates together, a strong and sturdy cool-touch handle is incorporated in Rico Roti Maker design. The time-consuming and exhaustive process of rolling the rotis using a rolling pin can be accomplished in just one press.


The Rico Roti Maker is also equipped with a knob to lift the top plate. It makes it very easy to check whether the roti is cooked and ready to be served or not.


This Rico Roti Maker is designed to ensure that there are no current leakages through the outer body. Keeping safety of its users in mind and to prevent any mishaps which might occur, the exterior is shock resistant.


This Rico Multi-purpose Roti Maker comes with an elegant design which takes the heart of all. The superior structure comes with Bakelite handles which remain cool and makes it one of standout appliance in your kitchen.


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