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Best Tower fan review tells the facts you need to know

These Best Tower fans are an effective method for cooling your room. The benefits are many, simple installation and they are easy to operate, some models even have a remote control. Like most type of Best Tower fan, these are good by themselves if you are in a mild climate or they can be used in conjunction with your air conditioner to make them more energy efficient. Fans make your air conditioners more efficient by allowing you to set the thermostat to a higher setting while still maintaining a comfortable environment and lowering your electric bill at the same time.

What kind of tower fan do you need?

It is wise to study what your needs are before you buy your best tower fan. There are so many types to choose from depending on your household needs you will want to compare the brand and size of fan that will match your needs.Below is a list of features you might expect to see with the models today. Use this information to decide what tower fan you might want to buy. Your first concern should be eye appeal and how much space the unit will take up.

Is best tower fan is the right choice ?

You want to make sure that the best tower fan is the right choice since you also may be better with a ceiling fan or pedestal fan. If space is a concern then you would probably lean toward a ceiling fan since they are up and out of the way. The next fan to consider if space is a issue is the wall mount fan since they too are off the floor and could be a option if the ceiling fan is not possible. The good thing is that the best tower fans come in such a wide selection of sizes that your sure to match one to your office or home decor. Some people confuse the pedestal fan with the tower fans because they both stand on the ground, but the truth is the tower fans are slimmer and taller fans.

Tower Fans Features

Since there are so many features to the tower fans it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. Common features to look for are:

  •  Height and width: Tower fans come in all shapes and sizes. The base of the tower fan could be anywhere from 12 inches to 36 inches. The best tower fan heights vary depending on the brand. Match the size to your room or office.
  •  Material: Some fans are made of all plastic. Check the structure and integrity of the fan before purchase. Of course if your fan is all medal it will be sturdy but weight will become a factor. If the fan is all plastic the base may be weak.
  •  Installation: Almost all tower fans come pre-assembled. Unless you get on that has a remote control unit or a option to mount it on the wall. If there are any missing parts contact the manufacturer for replacement right away. If your best tower fan doubles as a wall fan, pay attention to where the switch will be. On the top of the fan could mean trouble unless of course it comes with a remote unit. The other problem if it is a wall mount unit you may find the power cord to not be long enough so you will want to take this into consideration if you are purchasing this fan for this feature. Sometimes you can just use an extension cord for short power cords, but you will want to make sure you fan can use an extension cord, some will over heat the motor if a extension cord is used.
  •  Noise: Every fan has a certain sound. Multiple speed fans may be perfect at slow speed but give a roar at a higher speed.
  •  Timer: A timer on your fan can be handy. The newer models have them standard, but you want to make sure it can handle the times you need if you are purchasing for this feature. Some fans have digital timers why other are set by a dial or slider. Other fans just come with a preset of hourly increments.
  •  Ionizer: Having an ionizer is a great benefit. This is becoming a recommended feature because of its ability to neutralize room smells and clean the air. Make sure the ionizer can be turned off if you do not require its use.
  •  Remote control: Fans with remote give you hands free control. Just like to television you will not have to get off the couch or from your desk if your tower fans comes with a remote.
  •  Appearance: Your fans come in many shapes sizes and colors. best Tower fans give you more flexibility to match the fan to your decor.
  •  Customer Service: You would be wise to check on the internet if there are any negative posting about the company that makes the fan and you should see if people are having problems getting their fan serviced or getting a replacement part.
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After going through the list probably the biggest deciding factor for purchasing your fan is going to be the cost of the fan. Bottom line is the more features and better quality fan you want the more your cost will go up.

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Why Buy a best Tower Fan?

Few things are worse than uncomfortable heating and cooling problems. Even if you have central air or a swamp cooler, some rooms in your home or office just don’t get the airflow you need to survive the sweltering days of summer. We tested, rated and ranked all the best tower fans on the market in our review.

Tower fans are an excellent option for increasing air circulation in an affordable way. The best fans can cool you down quickly by making airflow better in rooms your air conditioner or swamp cooler doesn’t reach.

Designed to take up little space, these handy oscillating fans typically stand 2 to 4 feet high on the floor, although you can position them on sturdy furniture, depending on where you want air to circulate. They fit easily in corners and other out-of-the-way places, unlike large pedestal or box fans. Some are even so quiet that you forget they are running. In addition, some best tower fans have sleek, trim silhouettes that complement any room’s decor.

Tower Fans: What to Look For

Store shelves are filled with fans in all shapes and varieties. As you look for a standing fan, you should consider the size of the room you want to cool, your price range, how much space the fan can take up and if it’s aesthetically appealing.

When looking for the best tower fans, we favored those with a generous number of features. Aspects to consider are how many speeds the fan has, how far an oscillating best tower fan rotates and whether it comes with a solid warranty. In addition, we found helpful extras on a number of fans such as sleep timers, which allow you to set the fan to turn off when you’re asleep to ensure a peaceful night’s rest for you or a pleasant nap for a baby. Upright fans with remote controls are also helpful because you can adjust them or turn them off without getting up.

Sultry and oppressive weather sometimes brings more than the discomfort of too much heat to many people, particularly those with allergies, asthma, and other health or personal sensitivities. To ensure your rooms are filled with clean, fresh and comfortable air, and depending on your space and needs, you might want to look at our reviews for ceiling fans, air purifiers and humidifiers.

best Tower Fans: What We Evaluated, What We Found

While a fan with a full slate of features is optimal, it is also important to choose one that is attractive, powerful and easy to use. As we compared the various models on our lineup, we considered each one’s size, power and noise level. The soul of a fan’s functionality is how much air it blows and at what noise level. A fan’s power is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm), which is the volume of air it can potentially move per minute.

If you are sensitive to noise or need a quiet fan for the bedroom, office or nursery, you should look for one that has a lower decibel (dB) rating. Some fans are extra quiet on their low settings but can turn into jet engines on high. Our reviews take noise levels into account so you can see if the model you are interested in is the one that best suits you.

Some of the larger tower fans do not fit everywhere and may pack more power than you want if you are cooling a small space. Conversely, smaller fans may lack the oomph you need to provide the necessary airflow in a large space. Be sure to choose a best tower fan that blows cold air, giving you the cooling power you need.

It would be great if all bladeless tower fans lasted for decades, but problems eventually surface with any fan. We considered the availability of each manufacturer’s support channels and discovered which companies respond best to their customers when problems arise. The best tower fan manufacturers offer support by email, phone and live chat, as well as downloadable manuals and FAQs pages on their websites.

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Buying guide for Top 5 Best Tower fan in 2020

1 . Honeywell Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan 

best tower fanBuy now on Amazon

The slim modern shape of this quiet and powerful whole room fan, paired with the QuietSet technology that allows users to control their sound and cooling options, make it the perfect year-round fan for any home.

Combining the very best aspects of strength and silence, the Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan can produce whole room cooling for any number of medium to large sized rooms. This whole room fan includes QuietSet speeds that range from sleep to power cool (8 speeds in total).
These speeds can be accessed via Easy Touch Controls on a control panel that automatically dims after 15 seconds of use (5 lighting selections in total). The sum of these two features allows for seamless nighttime operation. The slim design of this tower fan paired with its black and chrome finish opens a wealth of installation settings. The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan’s inclusion of 8 speed settings and accessibility via touch controls (remote control included) make it a natural addition for any number of rooms in the home setting.
  • 8-SPEED TOWER FAN: The Honeywell 8-speed tower fan exudes the feel of a spring breeze throughout your home. Featuring Quiet Set technology that allows users to control their sound and cooling options, making it the perfect year-round fan for any home
  • QUIET COOLING: The slim modern design of this quiet & powerful fan features oscillating motion for whole room cooling. It features 8-speed touch button controls and comes with a remote control that nests in the back of the fan housing for easy storage
  • INCREASE YOUR COMFORT: Using fans for air circulation in your home can help increase your comfort, and help reduce energy costs as well. Honeywell carries a range of tower fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans — find one for every room in the house
  • HONEYWELL FANS: The right fan helps cool you off & improves airflow in your room or home. Give your air conditioner & wallet a break by using fans to help reduce your energy consumption & costs. Honeywell carries a variety of fans to meet your home needs
  • HONEYWELL QUALITY: Help improve air circulation & energy savings in your home, bedroom or office with Honeywell fans.Fused safety plug

2. Lasko 42″ Wind Curve with Fresh Air Ionizer

Buy now on Amazon

Relax and enjoy a breath of fresh air – The Lasko Wind Curve is ready to provide a cooling breeze and freshen any room in your home with its sophisticated, space-saving design. At 42.5″” in height, this oscillating tower fan provides quiet, high reaching and widespread air circulation.

Fresh Air Ionizer option helps combat air pollution in your home by emitting millions of negative ions that trap fine air contaminants such as pollen, mold, and dust. This feature is ideal for those with allergies, asthma, or breathing sensitivities and creates a fresh, outdoor feel.

Multi-function remote allows you to power the fan on or off and adjust fan speed, auto-timer, fresh air ionizer, and oscillation settings from anywhere in the room.


  • Built-in carry handle
  • High-reaching tower design for maximum air delivery
  • 3 quiet speeds
  • The Blue Plug Patented safety fuse technology
  • Simple assembly required
  • E.T.L. listed


Size/Height – 13″”L x 13″”W x 42.5″”H

Weight – 15.5 lbs.

Remote – Yes

Controls – Electronic controls

Oscillation – Widespread oscillation

Timer – 7.5-hour timer

3. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier

best tower fan
 Buy now on Amazon

The Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. Dyson purifiers powerfully project and circulate purified air throughout the room with Air Multiplier™ technology. The 360 degree, vacuum-sealed Glass HEPA filter removes indoor air pollutants while a second layer of tris-coated activated carbon captures household odors and potentially harmful toxins.

Intelligent purification automatically monitors, reacts and purifies – then reports the air quality data to your Dyson link app, so you can remotely control your environment. Easy filter change with notification on app when the filter needs replacement.

  • Manufacturer warranty only applicable on products sold by seller “Dyson India”. No other seller offers manufacturer warranty from brand Dyson in India.
  • Intelligent Purification; Automatically removes 99.95% of allergens & pollutants as small as PM 0.1 (0.1 microns) including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, VOCs and other harmful gases/odors.
  • Air Multiplier technology and oscillation feature to powerfully project and circulate purified air throughout the room.
  • Engineered to project and circulate purified air across LARGE spaces. Dual functionality with fan feature along with air purification.
  • Dyson purifiers have a lower face velocity unlike some other conventional purifiers. This, along with the high-efficiency VACUUM SEALED 360° Glass HEPA FIlter ensures that harmful ultra-fine pollutants are NOT released back into the room & stay captured in the filter media.
  • 360° Glass HEPA Filter & Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter. The H-13 Glass HEPA Filter is pleated over 200 times and densely packed with borosilicate microfibres.
  • Automatically monitors, reacts & purifies. Dyson Link app provides real-time air quality reports and allows you to remotely control your machine from your smartphone. Comes with a remote control that is magentizes for easy docking on top of the machine when required.

4. Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

Buy now on Amazon

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The 173 Whole Room Tower Circulator offers a more effective way to circulate air with V-Flow Circulation. Uniquely contoured air outlets create a wide span of constant airflow, without the need for oscillation. Typical tower fans oscillate due to limited range of air movement. You feel the airflow for only seconds at a time. With V-Flow Circulation, a high volume of air is continuously moving throughout the room, creating quiet, comfortable Whole Room Circulation.

The 173 features a remote control that magnetically cradles at the top of the unit, so the remote is always in reach. 3 Speed settings, selected by push-button controls, allow you to tailor the airflow perfectly for your needs. The 173 Tower Circulator includes a 1, 2, 4, or 8 hour timer ensures you run you operate in an energy-saving, efficient way.

Vornado has eliminated the wobbly base found on oscillating tower fans in favor of a solid and sturdy system that stands the test of time. Like all Vornado Whole Room Circulators, the 173 is backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty. Model is made for 120 volts only.

  • Vornado’s signature V-Flow Technology provides complete circulation of all the air in a room
  • Powerful motor produces higher volume of air movement up to 500 cu ft. per minute and pushes air up to 100 feet
  • Unique crosscut outlet create a wide span of constant airflow, eliminating the need for a wobbly oscillating base
  • No. of Pieces: 1
  • 4 speed settings and energy LED saving timer with 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour intervals.Whisper-quiet operation and backed by a 5-year limited warranty

5. VITEK VT-1933 SR-I 120-Watt Tower Fan 

best tower fan
 Buy now on Amazon

Powerful and reliable high velocity tower fan – vt-1933 sr-i with stylish design. It is compact device and able to create a powerful and cool air throw. It has motorized 90 degree oscillation with vertical louver which can be manually adjusted.

It comes with three speed control high/mid/slow mode. It can be used depending upon your requirement. It can be operated with remote control, it is very convenient. All the operation are displayed on control panel and large led display reads your room temperature. It has up to 8 hrs sleep timer control to program selectively to use the fan depending upon your requirement.

Tower Fans: Our Verdict & Recommendations

With such a wide variety of standing fans available, there are many options to keep your cool and beat the heat. As we evaluated the best tower fans for our lineup, we found that the Dyson provides superior circulation and safety while cooling midsize and large rooms with its consistent wind-tunnel airflow. Its bladeless design is a great bonus for parents with young children.

The Vornado Tower 184 is the largest model in the Vornado Tower Circulator line. This tower fan generates a powerful current of air capable of cooling large rooms. The unique grille and vent design in the front means this tower fan doesn’t need to oscillate, making it a stable and safe unit for your home.

The Honeywell is best suited for small- and average-size rooms, and it’s a great budget option. This oscillating fan features temperature controls and a washable filter to clean your air as it intakes and circulates it.

For an affordable fan with quite a few speed settings, take a look at the Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room, which has eight of them. Meanwhile, the Lasko-Air Whole Room stands out with its impressive cfm rating.

With a vast assortment of designs and features for you to choose from, it is important you assess your specific needs before purchasing a top-rated tower fan to make your home more comfortable. By using the above criteria, you can determine the best room fan for you.

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