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People thrive on entertainment these days. The entertainment industry is in so much demand because of the compelling content that they are able to offer us. We all have our preferences when it comes to watching a particular genre of movies. For example, kids enjoy animated movies whereas youngsters and adults are more into action and romance. We have come across scenarios wherein we are unable to find certain movies on YouTube or on google and that is when this site comes into the picture. Bolly2Tolly is a site made to offer you thousands of movies according to your preference. It also gives the user the liberty to watch in the language that he/she is comfortable in. It has all the latest movies and has a great user interface which makes watching movies even more fun.

Bolly2Tolly Various movies can be streamed via this website, Bolly2Tolly. The best part about this website has to be that it allows the users to watch all the movies and the TV shows free of cost. Even if the movie has been released quite recently can be accessed using this website and there are no hidden charges to see the movies. It is quite flexible and easy to use on this site. The illustrations are pretty good which makes the user experience just more fun. They can watch the movies on computer, desktop, laptops or even their phones.


What makes this site even more compelling is the fact that it has an amazing format and the way it is structured makes it fun to use and see movies from this site only. The website is updated on a daily basis which means even the latest movies and episodes of television shows will be available to the users as soon as it launched worldwide. 

What is Bolly2Tolly?

There is no site out there that could compete with what this Bolly2Tolly site has to offer. This site has tons of movies and popular TV series in it. The best part of this website has to be that all this is available in various languages. We can set our preferences for which kind of shows do we like and it will keep on suggesting to us better. The languages that the movies can be translated to are English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and many more.

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Since there is no other website that offers the same features and functionalities as this Bolly2Tolly does, that’s why it is the most preferred medium of watching movies online. However, due to such a huge response by the users, the Indian Government came to know of this website and had it shut down as they don’t support or promote piracy. It is currently blocked and it can’t be accessed anymore.

Is Bolly2Tolly an illegal movie website?

Technically speaking, this Bolly2Tolly site does not fall under the category of legal websites. We have stern rules about infringement and copyrighted material in India as well as in the various countries around the world. It is considered to be an illegal activity as it costs a lot of money to the publishers. There are laws that could put you behind the bars for promoting any kind of copyrights material. To answer the question where this is an illegal movie website or no. I am afraid the answer to that is yes, it is.You can check out here its official website.


Alternatives to Bolly2Tolly

Since this site has been closed due to copyright issues and is currently inaccessible to the users, below I have listed a few websites that you should check out and they work just as fine as this Bolly2Tolly does. Do give it a try.


bolly4uIf there is any website that could give Bolly2Tolly a run for its money, it’s this site called Bolly4u. It works exactly like Bolly2Tolly and has almost the same features and functionalities of the former site. What sets this website apart from the others is that this site provides HD quality content without which our generation can’t function nowadays. It certainly provides users with the best viewing experience and the feasibility to watch it in the languages that the user is more habituated to and enjoy it. It is a pretty good alternative to Bolly2Tolly.Check out our separate article on Bolly4u.

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FilmywapFilmywap is another such website that helps the user to watch movies online for free. The advantage of using these sites is that we can comfortably sit at home and watch our favorite movies without having to spend a penny. Filmywap provides all the users to watch their movies and TV shows in HD and in any language they like. They also have options to watch Telugu movies, Bollywood and Hollywood movies. They post new content every day that means they keep on updating the website with the latest movies and the latest episodes of the television series. It’s a great website.


moviesrulzAs the name suggests, this website rules the world of the movie. It regularly updates its website with new and fresh content. It even has the movies that have been recently released in the movie theatres, which means we no longer have to spend on going to the cinema halls. We could just sit at home and fire up Movierulz on our laptops to get the latest movies. It also provides us with an option to watch movies of other genres and languages too. It can give good competition to the Bolly2Tolly.


tamilyogiAs you can already guess by the name, this website is solely for watching Tamil movies. Tamilyogi is made for all the Tamilian fans or the people who love to watch South Indian movies. It has a really good user interface and the experience of watching movies on this site is mind-blowing. It isn’t crowded, which makes it easier to surf the movies we want to see. All the movies are available in HD. A disadvantage of using this website would be that it disturbs us with ads which sometimes might prove to be irritating to the users. But apart from that, everything that Tamilyogi has to offer is just fantastic.


TamilmvHere is where this website sets itself different from Tamilyogi. Tamilmv focuses on providing users with a lot of Tamil movies but it also offers them thousands of movies from other languages too like English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu and more so. The website is quite user friendly and it’s easy for us to navigate within the website. All the movies are available in the best HD quality. There are a lot of movies available on the website and they sorted by their genres and languages for the ease of the users.

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filmyzillaThis website is mainly for people who like to download movies instead of streaming it online. This website, Filmyzilla doesn’t allow the users to stream the movies but downloading and watching the movies is quite easy thanks to this website. It has a collection of all the latest movies and TV series. It has a huge popularity index. This website is by far the best alternative to Bolly2Tolly as this has better functionalities and features as compared to the Bolly2Tolly. If you download and watch the movies through this site, I can assure you that you will have the best experience. This website is free of cost and doesn’t charge you for downloading the movies.



Bolly2Tolly is one such movie website that holds almost all the movies and television shows that you have been looking for. Previously, I have tried a number of websites to download and watch movies online but I have always faced problems while streaming it or downloading it. It always used to show me some kind of errors. But, this Bolly2Tolly is the best website available and it is much easier to navigate and get the movies that we want to see. The user interface is clean and the experience of watching movies on this website is just incredible. But since I have already mentioned above that this website has been blocked because of copyright issues.


The other alternatives mentioned have proved to be a great alternative to it. It allows the user to watch the movies in their preferred languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and many more. These websites also have sorted the movies according to their genre so it becomes easy for the users to choose what they want to see. You can check the above-mentioned websites to know more.

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