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Best Can Opener to buy in 2020 – Best Can Opener Reviews

In terms of Best Can Opener there isn’t any real universal standards. Similar to much of the devices in the kitchen, it has been improved upon over the years and a few variations have been designed. While you can buy a cheap can opener for a couple of bucks you will find the quality of these bargain bin models quite flimsy and their durability non-existent. If you happen to be searching for a brand new can opener then I’ve got a number of recommendations chosen by average consumer reviews, quality, and durability. There are numerous models from which to choose so finding the one which best matches your preferences shouldn’t be too difficult. A number of preferred can openers from which to choose include the following electric models or if you prefer an old fashioned manual can opener:

What to look when buying for best Can Opener.

1. Hamilton Beach 76607 Electric Can Opener

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This particular Hamilton Beach model type is recommended throughout by consumers and is also regarded as being the top can opener that the manufacturer can offer. Featuring its smooth, upright design and style, the modern design looks visually great on the counter top. This can opener can easily open just about any sized can, regardless of whether it’s tall or tiny, which includes those confounded pop-tops.

To utilize it, plainly connect to the opener’s cutter, observe it open up the can, after which watch as it turns on its own off with the auto-shutdown function. It cuts around the top of the can promptly and neatly — leaving virtually no rough top edges to get in your way, simply a smooth, touchable edge. helping you get ready to cook in no time. The surface cleans down very easily, plus the easy-touch handle helps make opening up cans simple and easy. This electric powered can opener is really a great and hassle-free tool to own in the kitchen

over 500 reviewers on present the SmoothTouch an average ranking of 4 stars out of five, along with the vast majority passing it on the perfect five-star rating. The majority of evaluators say the Smooth Touch lives up to its promise, creating a neat cut which is not sharp and results in no shavings within the can (it is advisable to always triple check regardless of how clean the cut is). Lots of owners on present the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch a score of 4.5 stars out of 5. Testimonials are comparable to those seen on A few complaints that the SmoothTouch opener does not work properly on cans that happen to be dented around the top side.

  • This Electric can opener easily opens up cans of any size, which also includes pop-tops
  • Features a side-cutting system that removes top and leaves a smooth edge
  • Big ergonomic handle allows for easy functionality.
  • Appealing design and style
  • Measures approx . 5 x 4 x 9 ins;
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Blade does not touch the food
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2. West Bend Electric Can Opener

This particular can opener from West Bend is pretty good. It’s run by a 70-Watt motor together with the ideally slender and tall design deals with tall cans very easily. Additionally, it comes with a bottle opener and knife sharpener, and features a handy cable storage space to ensure the device can easily be kept in a kitchen cabinet when not being used.

The slender design and style preserves useful counter-top space, and the cutting device is easily-removed and dishwasher-safe for quick washing. In spite of being a common top-cutter, reviewers declare this particular can opener does not leave jagged edges; the magnet keeps the loose top right after opening the can, so no worries concerning nicking your fingertips.

Experts and consumers are in agreement the West Bend Electric powered can opener is low-noise, and in addition they declare food does not splatter when in use. Owners note that the West Bend Electric is stylish, and they state its ample weight helps to keep the device stable even when opening big cans.

We discovered the best consumer reviews for the West Bend Electric can opener on, in which over 865 owners provided their feedback for this electric can opener for an average score of 4.5/5 with the majority being 5/5. Other owner thoughts and opinions are available at and An expert recommendation for the West Bend can be found in a review in The Boston Globe, in which reporter John Guilfoil talks about cost-effective appliances for the kitchen.

  • a 70-watt powered can opener crafted from plastic material, chrome, and aluminum
  • Slender, extra-tall heavy-duty design and style accommodates taller cans
  • Knife sharpener as well as bottle opener around the back of the device
  • Built-in cable storage space, automated shut off, and dishwasher-safe cutting accessory
  • Measures 5-1/6 x 5 x 9-8/9 ins, with a one year limited warranty
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3. IZ DUZ IT Can Opener

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Ever since the SWING-A-WAY sold out to china, the quality of the once “best can opener in the word” has dropped and been replaced by the EZ DUZ IT Made in USA Can opener, which is made by John J Steuby Company who has bought the equipment utilized to produce the original, Made In USA, SWING-A-WAY can opener and today they use that equipment to produce the EZ DUZ IT can opener.

This manual can opener is the highest quality, period. it simply makes all of the other manual can openers I’ve ever owned or operated feel like junk. It blows straight into any can big or small and effortlessly moves all-around it as you turn the handle. It barely requires any exertion, which for a manual can opener is pure awesomeness. One of its downsides is that It doesn’t have a bottle opener. The crank handle is three and a half inches long by three eights of an inch wide at the ends. This enables more control plus more comfort when compared to other openers with a flat or blade type handle.

Whether you’re opening up a small tuna can, or one of those jumbo sized ones, this opener will rip through all of them with a thoroughly clean cut. The handles are solid and comfortable, as well as being of sufficient length so your hand isn’t contending for space with the can. You’re the boss of that can now.

  • The handles and handle are constructed from carbon steel.
  • The full-length of each handle as well as the crank are chrome plated.
  • The cutter, feed wheel, and gears are heat treated and zinc plated.
  • With good care, this can opener might last Twenty five years. It can be wiped clean, but not dishwasher safe or soaked.

4. OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

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OXO produced its very first Can Opener in 1990, however what OXO unveiled had been a wide, more comfortable turning handle that everyone liked using. OXO has since launched quite a few unique Can Openers, which includes versions that will secure into place, offer a smooth edge, and make it simple to throw away the can top.

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This shrewd little piece of equipment mixes a can-do attitude with impressive efficiency. Its wheel slices neatly under the cover to open up cans with out leaving behind any pointed edges. Due to OXO’s well-known ergonomic design and style, utilizing the opener is effortless.

The oxo smooth grips glides effortlessly and smoothly all around the lid of the can. One exceptional feature is that the stainless steel cutting wheel never touches the can’s contents and stays clean. The non-slip, comfortable handles and knob make it a breeze to use. Lid pliers allow you to remove the lid without touching it. If you happen to be the kind of person that might be having issues with their hands, then choose the Oxo Good Grips Smooth Edge since it offers an ergonomic, simple-to-use design.

  • Efficient can opener easily takes off lids leaving behind an even, safe edge.
  • Easy-turn side grip and smooth, non-slip handles helps make this piece of equipment very
  • comfortable to utilize.
  • Stainless-steel cutting wheel does not touch the food, therefore it remains clean.
  • Built-in pliers designed for no-touch cover removal
  • Dimensions: 7.5” x 4.5” x 2.25”
  • Weight: 11 oz.

5. P38/P51 Can Opener

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Ways to use:

Making use of the P38 can opener is not difficult. All you have to do is unfold the opener, keep it in your grip and connect it to the edge of a can. Once you start rotating the can, the P38 starts to produce punctures up until the top is opened and is removed. To store it, flip it back to its original position. It’s very compact that it may be nestled into a wallet or attached to a keyring or maybe a similar device through its hole.

When to Make full use of:

With the exception of for military rations, the P38 works extremely well for other purposes. Because it’s compact in size it’s simple to carry and transport. Several excellent reasons to utilize one involve:

  • Outdoor camping expeditions
  • Traveling
  • As a part of an emergency disaster supplies
  • To keep on hand as an additional can opene
    Other Uses:

The P38 offers you alternative uses apart from opening cans. These multi-purpose device are often used to open letters, cut packing containers or as a screw driver. It may also be applied as a scraper or even as a chisel. Because it’s tough and robust, you can use it for almost anything you can imagine.



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